Minolta X-570

Minolta X-570
Minolta added the X-570 to the X line of cameras in 1983 - it was the kind of the X-700s little brother. One great thing about this camera compared to the 700 is that the viewfinder not only tells you what speed you should set the shutter too but what speed you do have the shutter set to - it may not sound like a big deal unless you have ever taken your eye away from the viewfinder of a camera to check your setting only to miss a shot. It also has a larger ISO range(up to 3200) - the only thing it doesn't have is the +/- exposure adjustment of 2 stops(which I use often on the X-700). Unfortunately I took the time to replace the light seals on this camera only to have it die after a few rolls - the shutter keeps getting stuck and ruining every few exposures.

Roses - shot on expired Fuji Superia 1600 film.
My SX-70s and Stereo
'SX-70s and Stereo'
I had a lot of fun with this Fuji 1600 film - I'd like to get more of it.
This is what happened when my mirror/shutter started sticking - I fixed it a few time but having two X-700s waiting in the wings I decided to let the 570 decorate my bookshelf.
To 77
There is just something about this shot on Kodak Portra 400VC that I love. They took down this freeway sign since I took the photo.