Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20

Kodak Brownie Flash Six-20
The Flash Six-20 is similar control-wise to most Brownie box cameras - a lever for "instant" shots or "b" for long exposures and a second lever for focus "5 - 10 feet" or "beyond 10 feet" focus. This camera is better made than most of my other Brownies(metal not cardboard(or plastic)) and its shutter mechanism feels much more solid. The photos look pretty similar though - a little dreamy with corner vignetting and blur if not held very still. This camera model was made from 1946 - 1955 and was considered a little expensive for a post-war Brownie. It originally came with an unwieldy flash bulb holder - thus the "flash" in the name(I do not have it). I respooled my 120mm TMax 100 onto 620 spools to use it but I think it might work by simply using a 620 take-up spool. I'll probably shoot this little guy again...

Feed My Sheep
The edge blur you get with these cameras can be cool when the subject is centered just right.
Defend What You Love
"Protect What You Love" - I shot this through a chain link fence - which accounts for the blur in the center.
Young Corn @ Szalay's
"Young Corn"