Miranda AutoMex III

Miranda Automex III
I had a lucky day where I walked into the thrift store and bought three Miranda cameras for 20 bucks. This is the second one I've used - the 1965 Automex III and I shot with the 50mm Soligar f/1.9 lens. For the third version of this camera Miranda switched from a selenium meter to a Cds - but I didn't have the right battery so I used an external meter. Since I shot with the goofy Rollei Redbird film I wouldn't have really been able to judge how accurate the meter was anyways. The film has a diffuse look but I was still able to determine that I like the lens - probably the only f/1.9 in my collection. The viewfinder isn't a split prism but the microprism makes focusing fairly easy. My Mirandas are simple but really cool looking cameras...fun to carry - alright to shoot.

Laura an Couch
Laura and Couch - this image shows the pleasant "bokeh" of the Soligar lens.
Tables and Umbrellas
"From the Rail" - I will make a point of shooting this camera again with some more "normal" film and update this page when I do so.