Kalimar TLR 100

Kalimar TLR 100
The Kalimar TLR 100 is the export name of the Soviet-made Lubitel 2. It was made by the Gomz or Lomo company. This was the first TLR(twin lens reflex camera) I have ever attempted to use. The focusing on this one was quite hard - I could tell to a point how close I was getting and then it all looked the same(even though the viewfinder is quite bright). I actually ended up using the scale on the viewing lens to guess the focus. There is no light meter so I used am external meter(or Sunny16ed it). All the controls are fairly small, you have to cock the shutter before each shot, and there is no mechanism to prevent double exposure - despite all of this I really enjoyed shooting this camera and I'm sure I will do it again!

Family at the Beach
The Family - at Headlands Beach State Park - these are all on Kodak Tri-X 400.
The Towpath and Shadows
The Beaver Pond Boardwalk - as hard as it was to focus I seemed to surprisingly nail it each time. I was also amazed by how sharp the lens is on this camera - I didn't expect this to be a quality piece of optical equipment.
271 Bridge Study
The 271 Bridge - great contrast for no filter, eh?
Beach Double Exposure
Double Exposure at Headlands
Beaver Pond
The Beaver Pond
The Deep Lock  Double
Double Exposure at Deep Lock Quarry