Kodak - Target Brownie Six-20

Brownie Target Six-20
This little box camera takes 620 film and was made for 5 years starting in 1941. It is very simple to use - you have two different apertures and two different shutter speeds(the regular speed is around 1/50 or you can shoot it on "bulb" mode). Since 620 film is no longer made I had to respool 120 film onto an old metal 620 reel to use this camera. I've done it a few times and it isn't too hard - just takes a little bit of patience as you obviously have to do it in complete darkness.

Farming Season
I took all the photos with this camera on Kodak T-Max 100 and developed them in HC-110(b) which seems to have worked out pretty well. I'd probably ad about 30 seconds to the development next time. You can see that with the large images this camera makes you get a bit of vignetting around the edges - which I think adds to the look of using this great old camera.
Valley Train
A little bit of motion blur on the train from the fairly slow shutter speed - not a camera made to shoot action. You definitely need to try your best to hold it still during exposure - there is no tripod socket.
From Above
"Downtown from Above" - I love that this looks like it could have been taken 80 years ago(minus the modern cars).
Tantrum Laura
My favorite shot - I didn't make any adjustments to this image after scanning it - I'd like to make an enlargement of it with more contrast.
Main Street
Dust and Scratches and Spots - Oh My!