Kodak Brownie Target Six-20

Brownie Target Six-20
I came across this camera at an antique mall and it was in pristine condition - I had to buy it. It is a early 1940s box camera with two apertures and either "time" setting or instant. Besides the face plate I believe it is exactly the same as my reversed-named Target Brownie Six-20. Both are handsome art-deco-looking cameras. I shot this one on "Six-20 Day" - which is June 20th. I respooled Iflord Delta 100 onto metal 620 spools for the occasion.

"Tunnel" Downtown Akron
Akron Art Museum
I didn't do a very good job of holding the camera still - it has a fairly slow shutter speed and you're better off setting it on something solid when possible.
Parking Deck Roof
Parking deck - these cameras expose 100 ISO film best in a decent amount of sunlight.
Downtown at Dusk - Akron Art Museum
From a parking deck roof.
Steel Wheels
A little to close for perfect focus - I believe it focuses at 8 feet.
Old Carnegie Library
The old Carnegie Library - a little camera shake on this one too.