Minolta XG1

My Minolta XG1
The Minolta XG1 was released the year I was born - my copy belonged to my parent who gave it to me for my high school photography class. This is the camera that got me into Minolta's and real photography(not just snap shooting). I never use the camera anymore because I have Minolta's of better quality and XG series Minolta's don't show the light meter in full manual mode(only aperture priority which is how they are meant to be shot). The XG series was for people who didn't want to spend the money on the higher-end XDs but still wanted an SLR. This is probably the most important camera in my collection because it changed my life forever...
(This camera is also part of another 'first' for me - this was the first time I used off-camera flash to try and take a photo of one of my cameras(or anything)).

High School Parking Lot 1
Shot this after School in 1997 on Ilford HP5 (still love that film)
High School Parking Lot 5
More High School HP5 - unfortunately I lost all of my other high school negatives in an car situation - they were in the trunk.
High School Parking Lot 2
One more from High Scool...
Detroit 5
This is from the last roll I shot with My XG1 before the light seals went bad and I never replaced them - Detroit Michigan.
Detroit 4
More Dtroit - I don't remember which film I used on this trip.