Nikon F3

Nikon F3
Many people say that the Nikon F3(in production from 1980-2001) is the best 35mm manual-focus camera of all time - while I can't comment on that I can say that it is the best camera in my collection. The camera feels like a tank and every feature you could want is present and right where it should be. The light meter is amazing - anytime I've bracketed shots (second guessing it) I'm the one who has been wrong. A friend gave me my copy of this camera and it was my go to color film camera - and with its excellent meter it shines with slide film. Unfortunately it was already clearly used extensively and after a few years and a bunch of great rolls of film it died. To get it repaired would probably cost about the same as finding a "new" one so I'm holding out hope a F3 will re-enter my life one day.

Boston Depot
Here it is in Boston, OH with my favorite negative film - Kodak Ektar 100.
The Picker in the Fall Morning
Szalay's in the Fall - on Fuji Velvia 100
Planting Meeting
Another one on Ekar - at the Szalay's Farm.
I shot this with the 300mm lens that was on my Nikon when it was given to me.
One of the last shots with my F3 - the elctonics had already given out and I had to shoot this with the manual shutter release(1/60th)

My flickr set with more of my shots with this fantastic camera.