Kodak Brownie Hawkeye(Flash Model)

Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model
A simple Kodak camera made from 1950 to 1961 that must have been extremely popular - I've seen them at many estate sales and thrift stores - I myself have two different versions(an earlier one and a later one). Its my favorite box camera for one special reason - I don't have to re-spool 120mm film onto 620mm film reels to use it. As long as the take-up spool is an old 620mm one a modern 120mm film can be used in it without modification. I took my older model apart and cleaned the lens before using it. I've now run a few rolls of film through it - its a fun camera to shoot provided you hold it very steady - the shutter speed is estimated at between 1/30th - 1/5th a second.

Brownie Hawkeye Flash Model
Here it is with the flash
Staring at the Pantheon
The camera takes 6x6cm images - this one was shot on Ilford Delta 100 in Rome, Italy.
Hanging at the The Altare della Patria
The Altare della Patria
Highland Square at Night
I took a set of long-exposures with the camera around Akron one evening - this was in Highland Square and shot on Kodak T-Max 100.
From the Roof!
From the roof of the sales barn at Szalay's Farm - Iflord Delta 100
Jamming @ Hartville
Jamming at the Hartville Flea Market - you can see the blur from the slowish shutter speed of this camera.