Zeiss Ikon Balilla

Zeiss Ikon Balilla
This Zeiss 120mm box camera was made in 1936 for the Italian market. The Balilla name comes from Mussolini's Fascist youth group. I bought this camera at a flea market when I was in Rome, Italy and haggled it all the way down to 25 Euros - which turned out to be a real steal - the camera goes for over $400 on Ebay. It shoots 3x4cm images but the numbers in the back window lined up for 6x9cm images - so I only got half of the 16 shots I should have! I need to figure out how to adapt the counting from this old camera to modern film. Regardless - it is a simple, fun and cool looking camera to carry.

Beer Here
Beer Here! Ilford Delta 100 film developed in HC-110(b)
I need to get better at holding these little box cameras more still - notice the blur from my hand shaking?
BJ/Motorcycles - Accidental Double
There is nothing on this camera that stop double exposures - so here is an accidental one.
Mayflower Manor
The Mayflower - Downtown Akron