Minolta SR-T 101

Minolta SR-T 101
When I first started getting back into shooting film I knew one of the first cameras I wanted to try was the classic Minolta SR-T 101. The camera was in production for 10 years starting in 1966 and was known for its many first including full aperture TTL metering(taken for granted know but a big deal at the time). The camera is weighty and built like a tank - everything is mechanical - it only needs batteries to make the light meter work(it will probably survive armageddon). Shooting this camera was my first photographic history lesson - it has match needle metering - you adjust the settings until a needle is "matched" with a second needle with a circle at the end.  Its a fun camera to shoot and with my considerable Rokkor lens collection I'll be putting rolls of film through it for years.
(I actually have two of these and they both work).

Cranz Barn
Cranz Barn - on expired Fuji Film
Frog Town
This 'frog shot' was on expired Giant Eagle film(which I think was basically Fuji Superia)
On the Fence
Fence in the Valley
I'm sure Laura hates this shot - but I love it!