Polaroid SX-70(original)

Polaroid SX-70
A huge estate sale score, I paid 20 bucks for my 1972 original folding Polaroid SX-70. While I missed the boat on shooting original Polaroid SX-70 film(I'm not buying the over-priced expired stuff from e-bay) I did shoot a pack of the Impossible Project's PX-600 Silver Shade film in it. I had to use the filter to correct exposure for the SX-70 and there a certain other challenges to using this film - but I still managed a few good results and it was fun using this truly classic camera. I plan to shoot it more but probably after trying out a few of my other SX-70 models.

PX 600 Silver Shade
Impossible Project products I used.
Polaroid SX-70
Mine even came with the awesome leather case.
Cocktail Shaker in Late Day Sun #1
"Cocktail Shaker in Late Day Sun"
Plants with Polaroid
'Some Plants'
A Fan that got Stuck
This photo of my antique fan obviously came out less than perfect - I still like it though.
Dried Roses
"Dried Roses"
Jewelry Hanger
'Jewelry Hanger" - I think I had accidentally exposed this to light immediately after this shot was ejected from the camera - you're supposed to cover this film for a while when it is developing...